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  • Phone date: 2004-02-14 15:38:00

注:. 本程序专门为西门子M55书写,而且到现在为止我无法更正连接问题,导致许多手机连接不上。所以连接部分代码仅作为参考。 . 整个软件只有核心功能,界面不完善。可能造成一些问题。 . 你可以自由使用和修改此软件。但当你修正一些Bug时,请寄给我一份。核心的Class可作为其他程序参考。


  1. This program wrote for Siemens M55 Cellphone. But until now I can’t successfully connect to all M55 phone due to the Connection problem. So the code of Connection portion is only for reference.
  2. This whole program has core functions and I have no time to write a better visual. Some part will course failures.
  3. You can use and modify this program freely. But when you fixed some bugs, please send me the copy. The core class can be references of other programs.

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