Two search engine, AOL and Google……

AOL Research&Learn posted a news about AOL Research&Learn. It’s a online study and research site for K-2 to 9-12 grades students, and convers Math, Social Studies, Language Arts, Health, Science, Electives and so on.

I tried to search Calculus section from Math. Articles about calcules displayed in a well formated manner. I think this will help students concentrate on the information he or she wants but the advertisements. A little more, note on the left page, Dictionary and Thesaurus are ready for you! Study everywhere should be possible if our eduction were like this~!

Games are always avaliable in American student’s study. See, lots of games are here. Learning should be happy for children, so does adults. So let’s us play suduku together~!

Google books

It’s amazing that you should search for books online~!

Google books now can search for Chinese books here. I try to search a famous person Mengzi, and Google returns several books. Picture above is a book, note the yellow region is what I;m searching. But you can’t see all the pages, note the Limited Preview above the page. You should buy this book. I regard this as a commercial plan for Google and the book sellers—-Google searchs and one sell.

So this will help us only to know what book I want, not as I think it will display all the pages. Free is not always for Google. And free is not always for the world.

Money, all we live for is money~