At the last few days last week, temperature raised sharply from cold to too hot. I worn 2 clothes at the beginning of last week but only one thin shirt at Saturday.

It was sunny last Sunday. After two weeks staying at home, we planned to have a trip to someplace. We’ve traveled quite a lot places last year, so it’s getting harder to choose where to go. Thanks to my clever father, he searched the web and found a place called YunDing Mountain in JinTang county, southeast of ChengDu.

We got up early on Sunday and started at about 9:00AM. It’s only one hour before we got to the entry of the main road of scenic spot. The road was hard to drive, and we have to go back and find another way because the road was reparing and was blocked.

We found another road that we did’t want. It was funny that before we left home, we said we won’t go pass cemetery for cars there would be so crowded. We had no choice.

Pic: peachblossom beside the road

[](/images/2009-3-22/image/thumb/3-22 (3).jpg)

Ahh, so strong the sun was, so I nearly closed my eyes!~ [](/images/2009-3-22/image/thumb/3-22 (4).jpg)

Pic: Our black car

[](/images/2009-3-22/image/thumb/3-22 (5).jpg)

Road was so long, narrow and wriggle. Someone put stones on the road, I didn’t know why they did that.

Pic:Stones on the center of road

[](/images/2009-3-22/image/thumb/3-22 (9).jpg)

We passed by a small temple and had a short rest there. It should be a old temple here but has been destroyed during the great proletarian cultural revolution, leaving only flowerpot from the Tang Dynasty. They said someone wanted to buy it at the cost of 100,000 but they didn’t sell it. They were the old memory or the history here.

[](/images/2009-3-22/image/thumb/3-22 (7).jpg)

[](/images/2009-3-22/image/thumb/3-22 (8).jpg)

We contined our rode to the top. [](/images/2009-3-22/image/thumb/3-22 (10).jpg)

[](/images/2009-3-22/image/thumb/3-22 (11).jpg)

There were wild yellow flowers everywhere. People picked it up and put it before the tomb in memory of their ancestors.

[](/images/2009-3-22/image/thumb/3-22 (12).jpg)

[](/images/2009-3-22/image/thumb/3-22 (13).jpg)

[](/images/2009-3-22/image/thumb/3-22 (14).jpg)

After about half an hour’s driving we arrived at the top, a temple here called YunDing Mountain which means this is the hightes temple here and colds normally flow below this temple.

[](/images/2009-3-22/image/thumb/3-22 (15).jpg)

When we were there, a lot of people were shouting and congratulating their success of conquering the hill mountain.

[](/images/2009-3-22/image/thumb/3-22 (16).jpg)

And there’s the dining hall. People here have to have dinner with others. At the first sight, everyone only pay 4 yuan to have a meal is very cheap. But when you see that 10 people only have 4 kinds of dishes, you will know that is too expensive. And having dinners with strangers was not acceptable in my mind. So we decied to eat outside.

[](/images/2009-3-22/image/thumb/3-22 (18).jpg)

[](/images/2009-3-22/image/thumb/3-22 (19).jpg)

[](/images/2009-3-22/image/thumb/3-22 (20).jpg)

At last, this is the highest hall here call TianGong Hall. It means it is a hall build above the sky. Here you can get a overview of very far away.

[](/images/2009-3-22/image/thumb/3-22 (21).jpg)

[](/images/2009-3-22/image/thumb/3-22 (22).jpg)

That’s all for the temple. If the main road was not under construction, we could have a better trip there. We have another chance to get there and enjoy the climbing hill.

We got home early afternoon. Father photoed flowers in our garden. Beautiful, aren’t they?

[](/images/2009-3-22/image/thumb/3-22 (23).jpg)