There’s a proverb said “Rain in spring is as precious as oil”. Yes, it’s true for the farmers, for the plants, for the new fresh leaves. Spring brings them new life each year.

I hate the rain, especially today. I started from home to Meten early in the afternoon. It started to rain when I was halfway. I knew that I had to take a bus in the rainy day, not by bike. Searched at the online map, I found out I can take No.27 bus first to Renmin Road and then take No.16 bus to the place near Meten.

It was fine that it took me about 40 minutes to get there, probably 2 times longer than riding a bike. The rain stopped when I got Meten. Would it start rain again? I guess so. If it was not rainy, I should ride a bike then it would be easier and faster to get back to school.

I reviewed and previewed my courses and had supper at about six. Meal was not very bad, but a little expensive. After I finished, I went to AV room to watch “The Assassination of the Hitler”. You might have seen that before. It is a good movie.

I had to go when clock was pointing to eight.

Bad luck, it rained again, heavier than before.

But the worst was, I couldn’t find the No.16 bus station on the way back. I went to the opposite of the station where I got off when I came, but to my disappointed there was no bus station near there. Where was it?

After about 15 minutes’ walk, I gave up. I’d better to go back to see the roadmap. It pointed out that the No.16 bus would not came back here because of the constuction of the subway. I had to get a taxi.

I was sure I had a bad luck this week.

On Tuesdays I missed my salon class and I also missed the girl.

On Thursday I was busy writting documents and got too tired.

Yesterday I walked a long way to get on the No.37 bus, but it’s too crowded that I was barely out of the door. I got off after 2 stations and walked again to take No.42 bus. It was unlucky that I missed the right station. I really sad at that time… It was wasting of time, I really dislike it.

Could god save me next week?

Hope things get better next week!