It is good to practice English every day, the ways including listening to English music, watching English movies, studying English dialog and so on. If someone practices English at midnight, you may say he or she studies hard on English. But if the person played English dialog very loudly and you were having a good dream, would you accept the crazy English?

I just met this kind of person a few days ago. That was a little noisy before I went to sleep. Most of the time, I can’t fall asleep quickly as other roommates do. Maybe I think too much at night. I tried my best to sleep. Aha, gradually I felt my body was very relaxed and fell asleep.

Suddenly I woke from a very loud noisy. What was going on? Some guys were playing English dialog very loudly. I looked at my phone, it was 00:30. I got too angry and rushed out the door to see where the noise came from.

I found the room and shouted, “My god, why did you play that damn dialog at very night!”. I used most of my strength knocking the door again and again. To my surprise, no one answered. I got very confused, why there were no people answered the door?! How could the dialog play automatically?

I thought I’d better go. In addition to his funny dialog, my loud shout woke a lot of people. They were angry just as I was and wanted to see what really happened to the crazy person.

We knocked the door again and I even ticked the door. There still no one went out! How strange it was! My classmates told me we’d better to find out the reason, we were thinking if we had to broken the door.

It’s just one second before our action, the door opened. A person was very shamed and told us he was in a toilet when the computer came to be crazy. He closed his computer and said sorry to all of us. The night finally became silence. It should be an accident. People excused him and went to their room.

I was too excited after the funny thing happened. I had a really bad sleepless night.

The day came very soon and I was tired. We all didn’t know why the dialog plays automatically and at that loud. One reason I could tell was that he played the online movie but the movie was buffering and couldn’t play immediately. After a few minutes, it started to go. And at that time the person was in the toilet. How terrible the night was!