I’m feeling tired these days!

Last Saturday I went to DongXin company to debug the PCB drill machine. Things went not very smoothly as I thought because of it had too many bugs. After I finished debugging, it was late at afternoon. I went to school at about eight and had my hair cut then went home at ten.

Saturday I helped my father build the ceiling of our balcony. The work started at noon and finished at 5pm. If I didn’t help him, it will be a huge work to do by my father himself.

Because I had class at noon, I woke up early in the Sunday morning and started to go to school. I didn’t have a nice sleep that night so it was a really bad feeling when listening to someone talking and you just wanted to sleep. I couldn’t remeber what the teacher taught and I felt I would die.

It wasn’t getting better in Monday. I was still feeling tired. Am I lack of sleep, or am I really tired for some other reason? I don’t know. The feeling made me crazy and I could easily lost my temper. I didn’t like to talk any thing because I could hardly remeber what the word was. Even when I rode a bike back to school, I really want to had a sleep just on the road.

But when it was the time to sleep, I got sleepness. How bad it is!

Let me have a rest!