We usually see some diabled person begging for money and someone who is kind hearted may give some money to them. It is a good for parents to educate their children to have a warm heart although we all know most of the begs are fake.  We see these a lot.

If you are a driver, you proberly know some kind of people selling goods in the middle of the road, especially in some big cross with short green light time. I don’t know how large the market is, because only few people buy these goods and probably the quality is bad. This type of sell and buy is reasonable.

What I saw on Saturday when I was on my way to school made me laugh. Bus stopped and moved very slowly in the crowed YangXi cross. I saw an old dirty person bringing a duster and moving toward a dirty car and he started to dust the windsheild and hood. Just after he dusted a few seconds, he asked the driver for money. The driver closed the window and waved his hands asking him to go away. The dirty person found out he could not get the money and went to another car to have another try.

I focused on his funny begging and I laughted. Does any body give him money? I don’t. How about you?