April 21th, I got an email saying I was registered for ERC 2009 and the conference would be hold at April 23th. I remembered I haven’t registered any conference yet. Is that a fake one? I searched the web just to find that there was really a conference here in Chengdu. I was confused but I guess it could be a mistake or I forget I’ve registered. Though it may be fake, it’s not bad see if it is real. By the way, that day was my birthday! If it was true, I would have meals for free. A big gift!

Conference was held at Shangri-La hotel, a five start hotel, by Sun and ministry of education from 23th to 24th. I got up early at 7:30AM then got to there at 8:30AM. I got my pass at the front desk and it is already true!

Conference started at 9:00AM. Topic this year was about cloud computing for education and education applications from Russian and Indian, also some topic about CERNET. By the way, Sun’s topic always includs Open and Innovation.

I noticed I can easily catch up with native English speaker now. In the past, I would easily feel tired when listening and translating English in my heart. My English was improving!

There was a 15-minutes tea break, during which I went to see Sun’s new technology this year.

It was a surprise that ZhaigangHe was introducing Sun’s virtuallaztion technology. By talking to him, I finally know that he registered for me. He was now a spreader of Sun’s technology in UESTC.

Sun’s new server.

We had lunch at next door. I was a buffet dinner, both Chinese food and Western food.

In my opinion, the launch was just at average level. Five start hotel’s food is not much better than others.

At the afternoon, Indian professors talked about Sun’s technology used in India. It really hard to understand what they said. They always spoke ‘c’ like ‘g’, ‘p’ like ‘b’, so ‘computer’ changed to ‘gombuter’. That’s terrible for me, I could hardly fall asleep.

The second day, the topic focused on cloud computer and innovation. To my big surprise, after the meeting, everyone of us was gave a very BIG gift - a suitcase!

Though Sun is heavily hitted by ecnomic crysis and is bought by Orcale, it didn’t shrink the gift. This gives me a impression that Sun is not dead, this fresh life will come soon!