My English teacher Leign told us a hot phenomenon on Internet especially on Facebook that many person wrote their “Top xx things”. In recent days, I found some English learning sites for me and I want to write a list of these site. I recommend these to you. Just look at them and you may find it would be a huge treasure.

You may heard about the word “Podcast”. Accoding to wikipedia, “Podcast” means:

A podcast is a series of digital media files, usually digital, audio, or video, that is made available for download via web syndication.

In Chinese, we translate it to “播客” which means a blog that has sound or video to broadcast. ESL Podcast is a site for “English as Second Language” learners. It provides podcasts and transcripts for many topics covering nearly every aspect of our daily life. You will hear a slow dialog at first, then explanation and after all comes with normal speed. Its material comes from our life, and thank Dr. Lucy Tse who writes the dialog with a lot of useful words.

I liked this podcast very much when I first listened to it and started to download them into my phone. I learned from this podcast by listening to it when I was on the bus or riding a bike, or sometimes did a dictation first, then compared it to the script. And with the words I learned, I tried to use them in my conversation with my English teachers and partners. By doing this persistently, I felt my English was proving magically. Hope this site help you too.

When I was in high school, my teacher told us to listen to BBC or VOA Special English everyday to improve our listening. But just listened to them in a short period of time, I gave up. This was not because I was lazy but the material was too far away from my life and I felt very boring. I googled and found the site – “CRI English”. “CRI” means Chinese Radio Internation, which is a official radio station reports news and life in China to the world.

You can listen to the boardcast “Round the clock” at mms:// And I also perfer the “Webcast”. In this subject, we have news near us, interesting stories about people, and aha please visit and find the rest. Most of the stories have scripts, so you can listen to it and then compare. The most important thing is you will not feel boring but exciting to hear what is going on besides you, that is better than BBC or VOA in my opinion.

I found this site only in a few days ago by searching “Grammar Girl”. “Grammar Girl” is a podcast program on this site talking about English grammar. I subscribed mail from this site and it sends me a short mail about grammar daily. To join this, click “Sign up for the grammar girl tip of the day”.

Besides “Grammar Girl”, it is a good practice to listen to other programs on this site. Every podcast has a script but the speaker uses native speed, so if you can’t catch up with him, you can read it while listening.

To the last two podcast, I wrote two programs to download them. Check it out at [cref 1752] and [cref 1747]

So this is all my recent discovery, if any good opinions or good sites, please leave me a comment!