This is the third day after the No.9 bus tragedy in Chengdu, my hometown. When I went to Meten by bus, I noticed a phenomenon that many people looked around to find the hummer or tried to find out where is the emergency switch of the door. And more people prefered to stand beside the door or near the  window.

Today, government announced the investigation of the fire that someone might bring some gaslione to the bus. According to the video of the whole burnning process, I could concluded that the bus must be fired by people because the fire started from the inner part of bus. Government also made out a plan to modify the window of the bus which has an air conditioner and would take more investment to buy new buses.

We must learn something from this terrible thing. First is not to take any dangerous things to the public area. Second is to be careful of people near you if he brings some suspicious things. Third is when someone is in terrible trouble, you must take your full ability to help them get out of that situation. Fourth is learn some safety knowledge in case you’re in trouble.

But, in the end, hope everyone is safe and happy everyday!