I was starting to focus on the news of FUEL (a game created by CodeMasters) a few months ago, and after a long period of wait it finally released at July 1st.

Just 1 days later, CD cloned version could be downloaded from Internet. I spent nearly 2 days to get it and installed it immediately. This copy was cracked by Razor 1911, and before the game started there was a very big animation showing “Razor 1911” with a short midi music.

The game movie was just so so and the main menu seemed to be a little simple. One year ago, CodeMaster published “DiRT” and “Grid”, of which the amazing 3-D menu gave me a deep impression. In FUEL, you could found no addition graphics setting in the game, but you can set it before you start by opening “GameSetting.exe”. This was a little “old fashion” style. The crazy thing is that you must use keyboard to manipulate or to configure. I guessed programmers could only do like this to save time developing multi platform game.

Things were all right before I started the first lap. I couldn’t find any normal way to move the vehicle. Most racing game use arrow keys to move, but this game use Space key to go forward and control to go backward. It’s so hard to control the car like this using one hand.

Beside this, I got very dizzy when I finished the 3rd lap. I had to press Ctrl+F4 to end the game. My best friends told me he had the same feeling as I did. I felt I would delete the game.

FUEL seemed to be disappointing and not be worth waiting for so long time. Maybe it could be the worst game after the success of DiRT and Grid.