These days, after my back to Chengdu, were rainy every day. Temperature got very cool like in Autumn. In this comfortable weather, all the things I wish to do was to have a good sleep.

But I’m in bad luck, I have quite a lot of stuff to be done.

The first one is to complete the software for PCB Drill & Route machine. I need to be hurry. If I had my work done early, I could have a trip to LiJiang. I worked hard till very night hoping every piece of the program run smoothly. It was a tough work. The more you wanted it to be correct the worse it got. Computer could only know the logic, but your emotion. So, the best bet, I’m sure, was to calm done.

The second is to study English. I admitted that I didn’t work hard on this subject as before. I also noticed that my oral English regressed because of the lack of enough practice. What should I do next? Perhaps I must start a plan to balance the work time and study time.

It seems that there were only two things to do, but they occupied all my time. How can things get better? I think I must make a plan in my mind to work effectively, and study effectively now.