It’s sunny today and it is my first class at Meten. I wake up at 9 o’clock and had a launch at home with my family. After dinner, I went to school to fetch my student books.

I meat my SA at 3:00 PM, and she introduced the whole class and showed me how to book the courses. I took notes carefully but at the end I was still not very clear. That was not a big problem, just go and have a try.

ELLIS training software have four classes I needed to finish in one and half an hour, just because I must finished this to enter private class today. Time was so limited! I tried to follow the all instructions and comments, but it was hard to do so. So I have to skip some contents and focus on important material.

When I completed the lessones, it was twenty past six. I had to have a supper right now, I was too hungry that time.

I ate quickly and returned to Meteni at twenty to seven. Twenty minues were used to do oral test. SA gave me questions about the course I took, but I was sorry that I forget many detail about the dialog. I needed to review them after class.

Seven o’clock, which it’s my private class time. Two girls and I were setting in a small classroom and my foreign teacher was Callum. We talked about phone courtesy, in another way, how to do polite phone call.

The lesson was focus on what to do is polite when making a call. I took note about mobile phone and landline, discussed about the time to make phone, listened to teacher’s article on Living in Australia which is a short story about friendship.

I’ve learned the words: CV, curriculum, courtesy, curfew, landline, surf, sarcasm, sarcasitic, ironic, irony.

Difference between: over the 3 years, over 3 years.

Happy new year and merry christmas. We could also say Happy Christmas.

That’s it, I learned a lot, but require further review on them. Have a nice sleep!