He, a British man, tought me the second private class. His voice was fast and at the first I even could not catch what he said. I have to tell him to repeat: I’m sorry and could you please repeating that?

But not all students weren’t know what he said. A girl sat beside me, who brought a English novel, told me that is easy to know what he said. I did not lose my mind but listened carefully and tried to understand.

After a few moment, I was familar with his voice although I don’t know some words. I tried my best. Finally I almost knew every thing he said. That’s much better!

Complementary class was followed by private class, my teacher was an handsome American man. Todays’ topic had been English in hard times, but we enjoyed talking about other things, so finally teacher changed his mind. To me, it’s no matter what topic, I was listening and practising.

Here take some notes about what I learned today:

  • Oh, my god. Thanks heavenas.
  • handed it in
  • carry away; who’s taken it?
  • tangible, intangible
  • bolt of lightning
  • shelter – some place to hide from rain
  • soaking wet – really wet. Today is so hot that we are soaking wet.
  • witness
  • creak
  • defiance, defy
  • handout
  • spouse – wife or husband
  • accuse – eg. Maybe you have been accused of some crime?
  • paralyze – make powerless and unable to function
  • bossy
  • lousy – very bad