After nearly half an year of disappointing at Godaddy, I decided to move my site to somewhere else.

Economy Hosting of Godaddy is attractive by its large disk space (150G) and nearly unlimited bandwith (1500G) . I brought Godaddy in November last year at about 250 yuan  and spent nearly 10 days to setup my space. That’s quite terrible.

The first is that China Telecom did something to the line, so the ping is very high and lost a lot of packages. Lots of my visitors are from China, so they may wait and wait and end up leaving my site.

The second is that the service at Godaddy was quite slow and you might spend a lot of time on it and have to wait for really long time.

The only good news for me was that Godaddy provides SSH support. With this support I wrote some programs to download something periodly. But besides this, the whole user experience was bad for any visitor from China.  I was even annoyed by the slow connection speed that I can’t post a new post sometimes.

Though it is not completely Godaddy’s mistake, I had to change.

I searched the Internet and saw the 10-Top Web Hosting provides. But when I saw the price and the comments, I lost my mind. I needed low-price but great quality hosting. After longing and comparing for couples of days, I found HawkHost(

Although the space is only 3G and bandwith is only limited 30G, it is enough for my site and the price is low, at $3.29/mo (plus 45% discount when select Seattle server). The server provides many features (SVN, SSH) that others do not have. I was satisfied with its speed by by downloading the test file. Even I downloaded the file by single thread using IE, it got the maximum speed.

Maybe it was the best place I could put my site on and immediately I chated with the salesman online. After I was sure it was OK for me, I paied the bill. I chose Basic hosting and it costed 21$ the first year after the discount.

Now, my site have a new server. Enjoy the speed!