Today is the annual holiday for celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival on which day we eat rice dumpling and in some places people play dragon boat competition. It true that rice dumpling today was very hot today and nearly sold out. TV news reported many people sold rice dumplings in the MaAnDongLu which is a road has a long history of rice dumpling making.

People were longing the following three days holidays. We brought many things from supermarket. Some for us and some for children. It must be the happiest month for primary students because there are nearly three holidays - International Labor Day, Dragon Boat Festival, and Children’s Day. I was unlucky that my memory of the time in primary school was boring and studying forever. My parents were busy and had no time , especially no money, to enjoy the holidays. The happiest time for me was to play a computer game on Sunday and ride bike on the path of fields in the countryside.

Life becomes coloful when we are getting rich and have more time to travel. My friends and I are planning to hava a trip on Sunday to TianTai mountain after the offical holidays for at that time it will not be very crowded. I’m thinking about what I will do these days and perhaps I will study something. But first of all, I’ll have my hair cut. ^_^

At last, happy Dragon Boat Festival and enjoy your rice dumpling!