I was taking a bath and wondering I should write something but I have no idea. I was searching my memory when I came across hi-tech things, I suddenly recalled a store happened many years ago.

When I was in high school, my paternal grandmother’s mother ( or my great-grandmother for short ) lived in my home for about one month. She was 80-odd years old at that time and now is a 88 old but kind mother. One day, when we all went out and came back late at night, she told me that there was a phone call in afternoon. We asked she who was that, and she just told us when the phone was ringing she told the phone directly that we were out and after a while it stopped. We knew she didn’t know how to use it. It was really not easy for an old person from country side to answer a “hi-tech” phone, so we told her that we should pick up the phone first, answer it and put it down. She knew how to do this next time.

Another day, she answered another phone. This time she picked up the phone and said we were not at home and then put it down. Everything was done just as we told her.

“Who was that?”, we asked.

“I don’t know. I just picked up the phone and told you were not at home and put it down”, she said.

“Was the person a male or female?”, we continued.

“Ennn, I don’t know either. I can’t tell you. I didn’t see that guy!! “, she said.

We really can’t help to laugh and she was embarrassed. She said she did everything we told her and in order to prove this she did a demostration to us how she answer the phone. We finally got the answer. She did all we told her - really picked up the phone and indeed said something to it and at last put it down. But the point was, she didn’t touch her ear to the headphone so she heard nothing. She laughed at last. We thought we’d better have another “Higher-tech” video phone to solve this problem.